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Solarex Istanbul

04. – 06. April 2024 | International Solar and Photovoltaic Technologies Exhibition

The Solarex is an important international trade fair for solar technology and renewable energies, which takes place annually at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM). The Istanbul Expo Center is a major venue for international trade fairs and exhibitions, offering first-class infrastructure and modern facilities for hosting events such as Solarex. The fair is an important platform for industry experts, decision-makers, and companies specializing in solar technology, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, and renewable energies. Both solar technology and other renewable energies are of growing importance in Turkey as the country strives to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and meet renewable energy targets.Turkey has great potential for solar energy, particularly in the southern regions, and has made significant progress in adopting solar and other renewable energy sources in recent years. Solarex attracts many exhibitors and trade visitors from all over the world and offers an excellent opportunity to discover the latest products, technologies, and services in the solar and renewable energy industry. The main exhibitors include manufacturers of solar cells, solar modules, inverters, energy storage systems, solar parks, and other industry-related products and services. The fair is only of interest to trade visitors, offering an ideal platform to build business relationships and to explore the market for renewable energies in the region.

The Solarex will take place on 3 days from Thursday, 04. April to Saturday, 06. April 2024 in Istanbul.

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