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RE+ Las Vegas

09. – 12. September 2024 | Conference and exhibition for renewable energy

The “RE+” expo, previously known as Solar Power International, Energy Storage International, and Smart Energy Week, represents one of the most significant platforms for clean energy in the United States. The abbreviation „RE+” stands for „Renewable Energy Plus”, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the expo concerning renewable energies. This major event is organized by Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC in close collaboration with industry leaders SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) and SEPA (Smart Electric Power Alliance). The event takes place annually, rotating between various US cities.The “RE+” primarily focuses on topics such as solar energy, energy storage, microgrids, hydrogen, wind energy, and electric vehicles. Visitors can expect a thorough presentation of products and services from areas like manufacturing, construction/EPC, project development, and many others. The expo attracts exhibitors from a myriad of sectors, from technology and software to financing and system integration. As the primary attendees hail from the same sectors, the expo becomes a central hub for experts. Special highlights of “RE+” include live microgrid demonstrations, discussions about the evolving Grid-of-Grids infrastructure, and emphasis on trends in electric vehicle charging and hydrogen solutions. Moreover, strategies for carbon reduction and green hydrogen are focal points. Additionally, valuable strategies and advice for PV installations and energy storage systems are provided. A specific seminar group, RE+ Tech, delves deeply into scientifically innovative research in the solar, storage, and smart energy sector. Although the “RE+” expo is unique in its format, it is part of a series of expos dedicated to renewable energy topics. In conclusion, each expo location is meticulously chosen to ensure both optimal accessibility and top-tier facilities for visitors.

The RE+ will take place on 4 days from Monday, 09. September to Thursday, 12. September 2024 in Las Vegas.

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